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What is up everybody! Graham here today. I hope you all are having a great week and are getting excited for one of our last summer weekends. Today what I want to talk about is how focusing on serving others is way more beneficial to you than focusing on what you can gain from others. I know that may seem backwards but just stick with me here.

Jesus is the God in human form. He came down to earth as the creator of the universe. You’d think he’d be dressed as a king expecting everyone to serve him and feed him grapes and stuff like that right? Well that is what the people of his time sure thought would happen when the prophesied messiah came to earth. Well wrong. Jesus came to serve others. Others who were less than him and in reality, the whole entire world was less than him. But he didn’t care, he came to serve. He washed people’s feet, he fed them, healed the blind and sick, spent time with tax collectors and prostitutes. Jesus was not a typical man.

If we want to follow him and have eternal life with him in heaven, he calls us to do the same. Put others before ourselves. The Bible says, those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first. He is talking about when we get to heaved. Those who are only worried about themselves and if they are first or not, will be last after this earthly life. Did you know that you can often gain more for yourself by having the mindset of serving others. This is not something you should focus on but it works! If you are constantly seeking out what is in other people’s best interests they will notice that and more often than not it will come back to you.

Bottom line is, serve with a joyful and excited heart. That could be you spending time with your siblings, or doing community service, or cooking a meal for someone who is sick, or giving someone a ride who doesn’t have a car. The options are endless as to how you can serve others, but if you do Jesus will bless you greatly in the grand scheme of things. If you have not been tuning into my blog check out what you have missed here.

Get Into The Word

To be a light in this sinful world, you have to stay firm in what you believe. A great way to do that is to read God’s word, the Bible each and every morning. It is a great way to start of your day. He gave us the Bible so that we could learn from him and have direct access to his teachings. It is our main source for getting to know and learn more about God. bibleIf you have never even picked up a Bible before, that is okay! Try it. Just pray, “God please speak to me through your word and help me to take something away from this today, even if it is small.” Sometimes the smallest of things are the most important. A great place to start reading the Bible is in the book of Matthew which is the beginning of the four Gospels in the new testament. It is the story of Each of the four Gospels is a different account of Jesus’ life and what he did on earth.

Reading the Bible will encourage you, keep you strong in your faith and not let the world bring you down. I highly recommend you try it!

Have A Bigger Vision

The blessings of God were not meant to be hoarded but to be shared. Have a bigger vision of life rather than bonus checks and vacation plans. Materialistic things fade. There are never Uhaul trucks at cemeteries. Do not worry about the stuff that will parish. People are what matter most. Now I am not saying, that it is wrong to enjoy the things on earth, it is not at all but your relationship with God and others are the only thing that will last after you are gone from this life.


Faith always proceeds works. No one will ever be able to do work and do enough good things. It is impossible for us to “get right with God” on our own. We are broken and we are sinners and that separates us from him. Thankfully, Jesus came to earth and died on a cross for our sins bridging the Gap between us and God. All we have to do is accept him as our savior and Lord of our lives. God doesn’t want you to get right with him by trying to prove yourself. You will fail every time. He wants to meet you right where you are at.
God’s laws are never “have to” but they are “get to.” Following Jesus isn’t about following a bunch of boring rules. It is about living life to the fullest and living it the way he created it to be lived. These rules are given to us to protect us. When you are completely in love with Jesus all you want to do is please him, because that is what most fulfills you. Those so called “rules” don’t feel like rules anymore when your eyes are so focused on him.
Joy is not buying more, it is truly giving knowing you gave something to someone who could never repay you. When you look at your budgets leave margins to give generously to the least of people. How much is enough? Our culture does not entertain that question. Ultimately it is a heart issue. It isn’t always about how much your give, but how genuinely and excitedly you give.
Have a bigger vision for your life. By following Jesus, it is easier to do that. If you have any questions or want to chat it up, shoot me an email here!

To Be A Light You Must Pray

Prayer is often over looked in todays world. If you are someone who desires to be a light for this world and share Jesus’ love and great news then you gotta be able to pray! Here is some advice and knowledge on prayer. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to pray, you are simply having a conversation with God. prayerThroughout the Bible, Jesus prays first for himself, then those closest to him then out to everyone who believes, the world. He prayed big. Pray big! Pray for others who need it. Let your prayers go around your world. Jesus had a passion for his Father’s glory. He prayed that everything he did would glorify God. Pray that God will shine through you so that other people will see Him in your lives. Live as though you are living for Gods reputation because you are.Most of us our more concerned with our glory more than God’s. Be more concerned with Gods reputation than your own. When you really know him, you want people to see God as he is. Read More

First Post/Welcome

Welcome to my new blog! This is a place on the web where people can come to feel encouraged and uplifted! I want to help people become lights that this world needs! I am a follower of Jesus Christ and will be sharing with you many of my life experiences and his teachings and his love through this site. Whether you are a Christian or not, that is okay, this blog is still for you. You will find it encouraging I promise you that.

Please check back in soon for more posts and encouraging words and messages. You all are awesome!