Serve > Gain

What is up everybody! Graham here today. I hope you all are having a great week and are getting excited for one of our last summer weekends. Today what I want to talk about is how focusing on serving others is way more beneficial to you than focusing on what you can gain from others. I know that may seem backwards but just stick with me here.

Jesus is the God in human form. He came down to earth as the creator of the universe. You’d think he’d be dressed as a king expecting everyone to serve him and feed him grapes and stuff like that right? Well that is what the people of his time sure thought would happen when the prophesied messiah came to earth. Well wrong. Jesus came to serve others. Others who were less than him and in reality, the whole entire world was less than him. But he didn’t care, he came to serve. He washed people’s feet, he fed them, healed the blind and sick, spent time with tax collectors and prostitutes. Jesus was not a typical man.

If we want to follow him and have eternal life with him in heaven, he calls us to do the same. Put others before ourselves. The Bible says, those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first. He is talking about when we get to heaved. Those who are only worried about themselves and if they are first or not, will be last after this earthly life. Did you know that you can often gain more for yourself by having the mindset of serving others. This is not something you should focus on but it works! If you are constantly seeking out what is in other people’s best interests they will notice that and more often than not it will come back to you.

Bottom line is, serve with a joyful and excited heart. That could be you spending time with your siblings, or doing community service, or cooking a meal for someone who is sick, or giving someone a ride who doesn’t have a car. The options are endless as to how you can serve others, but if you do Jesus will bless you greatly in the grand scheme of things. If you have not been tuning into my blog check out what you have missed here.