Get Into The Word

To be a light in this sinful world, you have to stay firm in what you believe. A great way to do that is to read God’s word, the Bible each and every morning. It is a great way to start of your day. He gave us the Bible so that we could learn from him and have direct access to his teachings. It is our main source for getting to know and learn more about God. bibleIf you have never even picked up a Bible before, that is okay! Try it. Just pray, “God please speak to me through your word and help me to take something away from this today, even if it is small.” Sometimes the smallest of things are the most important. A great place to start reading the Bible is in the book of Matthew which is the beginning of the four Gospels in the new testament. It is the story of Each of the four Gospels is a different account of Jesus’ life and what he did on earth.

Reading the Bible will encourage you, keep you strong in your faith and not let the world bring you down. I highly recommend you try it!