To Be A Light You Must Pray

Prayer is often over looked in todays world. If you are someone who desires to be a light for this world and share Jesus’ love and great news then you gotta be able to pray! Here is some advice and knowledge on prayer. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to pray, you are simply having a conversation with God. prayerThroughout the Bible, Jesus prays first for himself, then those closest to him then out to everyone who believes, the world. He prayed big. Pray big! Pray for others who need it. Let your prayers go around your world. Jesus had a passion for his Father’s glory. He prayed that everything he did would glorify God. Pray that God will shine through you so that other people will see Him in your lives. Live as though you are living for Gods reputation because you are.Most of us our more concerned with our glory more than God’s. Be more concerned with Gods reputation than your own. When you really know him, you want people to see God as he is.

If the devil can’t destroy you he would love to sideline you. To make you luke warm and half hearted for Jesus. Prevent this from happening by praying! Jesus prays for others close to him that their faith would be dangerous and be In the world but not of it. Jesus also prays to unify us. That in spite of our differences and disagreements we would still love each other and recognize that loving Jesus is primary. We all need to have a “if you’re for Jesus, we are for you” mentality. If we love each other outsiders will say maybe he’s real. If we are always judging and disagreeing on little things they will say I knew he wasn’t real.
The world is waiting to see if Jesus is real and they’re going to determine that by watching how we love each other. The way we love reflects Jesus. Love others in a way that makes people think, Jesus must be real. Pray that God can give you strength and discipline to do this. Pray that you would desire to glorify him. Again, through prayer we can be such powerful lights to the world.